DS2482-800 8 Channel I2C to 1-Wire Master IC


I had various issues with DS18B20 1-Wire Temperature sensors so decided to invest in a DS2482-800 i2c 1-wire master IC.

With more than DS18B20, some at the end of a 10 meter long cable, I was having various issues reading temeratures reliably.  Strangly it was the nearest sensors that had issues.  Sometimes no devices would show up, sometimes they'd reply with "No".  Only way to fix them seemed to unplug them on startup, let the code run a few times, then plug them back in.

After researching I found this DS2482-800 8 Channel I2C to 1-Wire Master chip.  From I2C you can read sensors over 8 channels.  Each channel is kept separate so there's no "ghosting" from multiple sensors.

I used the instructions here:-


SMT SMD DIL adaptor SOIC 16 PIN NARROW w Ground PlaneYou may also have to buy an easy way of interfacing with that chip.  It's not easy soldering on to those pins, so I purchased an adapter plate - Surface Mount IC to Bradboard adapter – 16 pin



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