Weather Pi – PCB Design

weather-pcb-10-x-5-Ver1-2_pcbUsing the initial Proto Plate design, I was able to turn that in to a PCB layout.  Again this was done using the Open source Fritzing computer program.

It took many iterations to obtain the best layout of the board as there's no set layout required.  Initially I tried a 5cm x 5xm layout but just couldn't get it to fit.  Then a 5cm x 10cm board was tried with the Molex connectors round the edges.  Also tried a 10 x 10cm board. Finally after many days work I managed to put all the connectors down one side of a 5cm x 5cm PCB.

Using Fritzing I was able to export the design as a Gerber file.  This is an industry standard design file for producing PCB's.  I'd used SeedStudio PCB fabricators before and was happy with the quality so decided to use them again.

SeedStudio charge about $15 for 5 copies of a 5cm x 10cm design.  Delivery can be up to 6 weeks unfortunately.

It was easy to upload the Gerber PCB files to SeedStudio and the order is now in progress.