Adding Bittorrent Sync to RaspBMC XBMC player

To improve my backups and utilisation of my Raspberry Pi's, I've added Bittorrent Sync to my XBMC Pi.  It's running RASPBMC on an original 256mb pi.

I'll need to see if it affects the performance of XBMC once the initial data sync has completed.

Basically I followed the instructions I made previously, but had to do a couple extra things

manually add a .sync folder

sudo mkdir /home/pi/.sync

sudo chmod 777 /home/pi/.sync

edit the config

sudo nano btsync.conf

change this line to this

"storage_path" : "/home/pi/.sync",

To get the killall command to run I had to install it using this command

apt-get install psmisc

4 thoughts on “Adding Bittorrent Sync to RaspBMC XBMC player

    • No idea how to do it Openelec but assume it’s the same process. RaspBMC is a cut down version of Rasbian, not sure what OpenElec is based on.

      Bittorrent Sync doesn’t seem to be stable unfortunately on Raspbmc

  1. Any luck on getting btsync on OpenElec? Im hoping someone will create a plugin for it. I want to be able to use the rpi as an Openelec XBMC media server and a Bittorrent Sync point that can connect to my Drobo FS .

    • I’ve given up on Bittorrent Sync and XBMC on the same box. Bittorent Sync kept crashing or the USB memory kept dismounting. The Pi also didn’t seem to be able to handel syncing and playing a movie at the same time

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