Smart-Alex Raspberry Pi GPiO Breakout Kit with Extra 16 IO Ports via I2C MCP23017

IO-Extender-Kit-300-Smart-AlexSeems a gret idea.  From their ebay listing:-


"Smart Elex" is selling Raspberry Pi Cobbler I/O Extender plus+ this cobbler has all the features of the normal cobbler available on the market Plus

  • 16 I/O ports for digital input and output controlled by a MCP23017 using I2C
  • breadboard power rail pins with a jumper switch to change the breadboard power rail between +5v to +3.3v,
  • The MCP23017 is addressable allowing you to connect up 8 I2C Devices.

Do you have project in mind? This IO Extender Plus+ Breakout Board, which can break out all the power, GPIO, I2C and SPI pins from the 26 pin header plus an extra 16 I/O ports for digital input and output from a MCP23017 onto a solderless breadboard.

This cobbler has been fully designed assembled by Smart Elex in the UK providing a plug & play interface between Raspberry Pi and your Breadboard project.

T Shape design to give you more room on and around your breadboard, clear pin labeling + ribbon cable with strain relief clamps to stop cable from getting damaged.


Is this the chapest Raspberry Pi Case?

For £1.99 including post and packing this cheapest-raspberry-pi-casemust be the cheapest Raspberry Pi case ever produced.

Made from 3mm perspex / acrilic with a unique opening door.

I've now got one on order.....