Run a Raspberry Pi from 6 AA Batteries

Run a Raspberry Pi from 6 AA BatteriesHow to run a Raspberry Pi from 6 x AA Bateries using an UBEC - Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit.

A UBEC is often used in model aircraft to take the voltage of the batteries down to about 5 volts that the radio controller can then use.  The ones that are usable with a raspberry pi can take a voltage of 5.5 volts up to about 24 volts.  The UBEC then converts this down to the 5v that the Pi uses, and does it in an efficient way.  A standard Pi needs about 700 milli amps in order to run, so be sure to buy a UBEC that supports at least 1 amp.  A 2 or 3 amp UBEC is also suitable.

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