Update on the Weather Pi – January

A short update on the Weather Pi. The Weather Pi unit has been fully assembled and tested on the bench.

2015-03-02 11.28.18I've slightly modified the stand for the sensors to reduce the number of components required.  On the left hand side we have the wind speed and wind direction.  Right hand side we have the temperature sticking out of the end of the pipe.  Unseen inside the pipe is the humidity sensor.  On top we have the rain detector and the rain quality sensor.  The cables are fed inside the plastic tubes down to the base.

2015-03-02 11.28.31The plastic tubes are made from 44mm drainage pipe normally used to connect sinks and washing machines to the drains.  The bottom of the pipe has been cut at a 45 degree angle to allow it to be driven in to the ground.  I've placed 45 degree bends on to top T section of pipe to try and keep the bulk of the rain out, whilst allowing air to circulate to the humidity sensor.

2015-03-02 11.28.41The Raspberry Pi and the Weather Pi circuit board have been placed inside a "DriBox" enclosure.  This has access points to allow cables to enter the box, and have rubber seals to keep the rain out. I plan to have the LED's sticking out of the case so I can see the Pi has power and is running the scripts.  The case has enough room for the Raspberry Pi, Circuit board, USB WIFI dongle with large areal, and also a large USB battery.  At this stage I haven't been able to route electricity outside to power the box, so am relying on USB batteries