How to prevent the Raspberry Pi screen from going to sleep

By default a Raspberry Pi's screen will go to sleep after 30 minutes. Not much use when using the screen to monitor something

to prevent the screen from sleeping
sudo nano /etc/kbd/config
find this section

# screen blanking timeout. monitor remains on, but the screen is cleared to
# range: 0-60 min (0==never) kernels I've looked at default to 10 minutes.
# (see linux/drivers/char/console.c)

# blanking method (VESA DPMS mode to use after BLANK_TIME, before powerdown):
# on: the default, no DPMS signalling. near instant powerup, no power saving

Change BLANK_TIME to zero

Adding Bittorrent Sync to RaspBMC XBMC player

To improve my backups and utilisation of my Raspberry Pi's, I've added Bittorrent Sync to my XBMC Pi.  It's running RASPBMC on an original 256mb pi.

I'll need to see if it affects the performance of XBMC once the initial data sync has completed.

Basically I followed the instructions I made previously, but had to do a couple extra things

manually add a .sync folder

sudo mkdir /home/pi/.sync

sudo chmod 777 /home/pi/.sync

edit the config

sudo nano btsync.conf

change this line to this

"storage_path" : "/home/pi/.sync",

To get the killall command to run I had to install it using this command

apt-get install psmisc